As a ride share driver that uses apps such as Uber & Lyft, would you feel more comfortable using a protective screen that would cover your head and neck than not using one? How valuable would an accessory like this be to you? Do you think that your riders would feel that you are more mindful and respectful of their safety? These are some questions you can ask yourself if you are contemplating taking the next step and adding an item like the Ride Share Screen to your vehicles arsenal of accessories. 

Unlike the Plexiglas partitions and make shift serial killer Dexter plastic wrap back seat coverings that some ride share drivers are taking to, our Ride Share Screen accessory is easy to store, install and much more economical. When not using your vehicle for transporting passengers where are you going to store that enormous Plexiglas covering? How long does it take you to unhook and strap up all that Velcro? After testing our product numerous times, the RSS takes less then a minute to install. You honestly do not even have to remove the bracket from your vehicles head rest post because it can easily be adjusted so it wont be an obstruction to your driving performance or vision.  

Eventually, wearing a mask will be a novelty of the past and we'll be exposed to more, lets say water droplets, when riders are talking or may sneeze or cough. Although the RSS will not cover the entirety of your vehicles back seat making the rider feel quarantined, it will still be an added benefit in the future to protect yourself wile working. 

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